Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping

width-1It is often difficult to ensure the safety of your precious metal investment using your own storage facilities. The safest option for storing your physical investment is to allow Inviticus Ltd a company with good reputation assist you in the safe keeping. Storing your Bullion in an approved vault has a number of advantages

Your stored precious metals are both fully allocated and segregated. This means that: 100% of your investment is assigned to you. Your investment is segregated from other clients and held in its own vault, meaning that there will be no difficulties when it comes to access or bank to bank Liquidation.

Our technology truly matches no other because it was design from the ground up, not taking the conventional ways of Software and API Engineering. This has been a long 15 Years Journey since we started and we can say we have the best Private Air Charter Tracking System



You can access your precious metal investment at any time remotely and view details direct from you iPhone or Android Phone. We only require copies of CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP, SAFEKEEPING RECEIPT DOCUMENT, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN documents issued to you at the time of initial safekeeping. transfers and change of ownership is done by Kenya Customs if not yet done. This is done through us for convenience and Transparency. Inviticus Ltd usually only lias with other institutions like Brinks Security & SGA security Group of Companies rather than retail security companies. Our storage service gives our clients access to tracking services on our Web Track and Management system and technology. Institutional storage is cheaper than retail storage in a safety deposit box or similar, and we pass this saving on to our clients.

SafeKeeping Receipt Document

This is one of the most important documents that you should have once your consignment has been recieved by Inviticus it contains a special Tracking QR Code

Scanning Your QR CODE

With your issued SKR document take your phone ans Scan the QR code at the bottom of the document. Make sure your= are connected to the Internet otherwise The Tracking will not work

Tracking Code

At the beginning of the document and at the bottom left corner there is a labeled Alpha-Numeric code called the tracking code. Put this code on the Tracking Portal

View Consignment in Real Time

In a split of a second the Web API sends a return signal to our servers that sequentially communicate with the consignment Storage safe GPRS Location

Limited Scans

Every consignment is limited to 20 (Twenty Scans) if scanned more times than this the system will deny viewing until we let the phone scanning the excess times through. This is a safety precaution that protects you Consignment to malicious Scans.